The Secret | Bí mật 115/365

Every day, or at the very least once or twice a week, take a few minutes and focus on seeing yourself in joy. Feel yourself in joy. Imagine only joy ahead in your life and see yourself basking in it. As you do this the Universe will move all people, circumstances, and events to bringContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 115/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 84/365

In every word you use, there is a power germ which expands and projects itself in the direction your word indicates, and ultimately develops into physical expression. For example, you wish the consciousness of joy. Repeat the word “joy” secretly, persistently, and emphatically. The repetition of the word “joy” sets up a quality of vibrationContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 84/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 51/365

There is no doubt that when using the law of attraction for the good of everyone, you are connecting yourself to great power. However, the law is also available to you individually so that you may live your life to the fullest. When you live your life to the fullest you have so much moreContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 51/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 48/365

There is no force of hate. Hate is simply the absence of love, just as darkness is the absence of light. Poverty is the absence of health, and sadness is the absence of joy. All negativity is simply the absence of something positive. This is very, very good to know. Rhonda Byrne Cái gọi làContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 48/365”