The Secret | Bí mật 151/365

You are an electromagnetic being emitting a frequency. Only those things that are on the same frequency as the one you are emitting can come into your experience. Every single person, event, and circumstance in your day is telling you what frequency you are on. If your day is not going well, stop and deliberatelyContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 151/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 150/365

When you reach the highest levels of gratitude, every thought you think, every word you speak, and every action you take comes out of pure goodness. Rhonda Byrne Khi bạn đạt đến cấp độ cao nhất của lòng biết ơn, mỗi điều bạn nghĩ, mỗi từ bạn nói, và mỗi hành động bạn làm đềuContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 150/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 149/365

Giving opens up the door to receiving. You have many opportunities to give every day. Give kind words. Give a smile. Give appreciation and love. Give compliments. You can give courtesy to other motorists while you are driving. You can give a smile to the car parking attendant. You can give a warm greeting toContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 149/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 148/365

Pure gratitude is a state of giving. When you are in a state of heartleft gratitude you are radiating a powerful electromagnetic field around you. The radiations from you are so pure and powerful that they touch all those you come into contact with. The effect on others who receive what you are radiating wouldContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 148/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 147/365

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus(121-180) Click to read my sharing in English below Nếu bạn đau khổ vì bất cứ điều gì bênContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 147/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 146/365

If you want to attract money, you may find that you have more power by imagining having the things you want the money for. If there is a lack of money in your life, then your feelings and beliefs about money are most likely not very good, and thinking instead about having the things moneyContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 146/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 145/365

When people first start using The Secret, they may get a little scared of thinking negative thoughts. Because of that fear, when they think a good thouht, immediately the opposite thought may come into their mind. This is not unusual. However, I want to know that this phase passes very, very quickly. And the easiestContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 145/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 144/365

When you exist in the beautiful state of gratitude, you become a person who only wants to give. You become so grateful that it takes over your life, and you can’t find enough opportunities in a day to give. You give joy, you give love, you give money, you give appreciation, you give compliments, andContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 144/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 143/365

You can most certainly help others through your thoughts, and they can help you. Every good thoughts you send to another is a living force. However, the person you are sending the thought to has to be asking for the same thing you are sending. If the person does not want it, then they areContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 143/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 142/365

Who is the captain of your ship? You know that if no-one is steering a ship then that ship will be battered about in the seas and crash into rocks. Think of your body as a ship and your mind as the engine, and you as the captain of your ship! Take charge of yourContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 142/365”