The Secret | Bí mật 161/365

What one knows, one sees. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe(1749-1832) Khi mình biết thứ gì, mình sẽ nhìn thấy nó. Người dịch: Mai Lam Cảm nhận Có lần nọ một người chị đã nói với mình như vậy. Rồi dẫn chứng về một loại xe mà chị ấy thích. Lúc ấy thầm nghĩ trước giờ mình chưaContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 161/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 160/365

Today is the best day of your life! Rhonda Byrne Hôm nay là ngày tuyệt vời nhất trong cuộc đời của mình! Người dịch: Mai Lam Cảm nhận Đúng vậy. Không phải hôm qua. Không phải ngày mai. Chính là hôm nay. Hãy cống hiến trọn vẹn và tận hưởng trọn vẹn từng khoảnh khắc củaContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 160/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 159/365

The Supreme Power of the Universe is the supplier of all things and the law of attraction is the distribution manager of those things. You are a central point of creation on Earth and it is through you and your use of the law that the Universe can bring creation into our physical world. WhatContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 159/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 158/365

To practice the art of visualization, begin by thinking back on your day. Choose a wonderful scene or moment from your day, and replay that scene in your mind. Picture the place, the people, the background sounds, the colors, the words that were spoken, and every detail of that scene as you replay it inContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 158/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 157/365

Become increasingly aware of all the magnificent things in your life. Feel gratitude toward all the people who have given so much through their work and inventions so that you can have a much easier life. Did you take a shower this morning? Did you use electricity? How did you get to work? By car,Continue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 157/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 156/365

Here is a description of who you really are: I AM whole.I AM perfect.I AM strong.I AM powerful.I AM loving.I AM harmonious.I AM happy. Got any work to do? Rhonda Byrne Đây là mô tả về con người thật của bạn: Tôi là tất cả.Tôi hoàn hảo.Tôi mạnh mẽ.Tôi vĩ đại.Tôi đang yêu.Tôi hài hòa.TôiContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 156/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 155/365

You can limit yourself by the story you have created about you. Here are some simple examples of how the story we have created about ourselves can limit us: I am no good at math. I have never been able to dance. I am not a very good writer. I am very stubborn. I don’tContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 155/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 154/365

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi(1869-1948) Con người được tạo ra từ chính suy nghĩ của người đó. Bạn nghĩ gì, sẽ trở thành người như thế.– Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi(1869-1948) Người dịch: Mai Lam 365 days of practicing translation and discovering Secret with ISA365 ngày luyệnContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 154/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 153/365

Resistance blocks what you want from coming to you. You create resistance in yourself by feeling anxious or worried about what you want. That tension causes the resistance and blocks delivery. If you feel tense when you think of what you want, it is time to relax, relax, relax. Let your body relax your mindContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 153/365”

The Secret | Bí mật 152/365

Sometimes it is better to focus on one thing at a time, so that you harness all your energy for the one thing. That said, you can list multiple things that you want and spend one day at a time focusing on each one, feeling as though you have received it. You will most likelyContinue reading “The Secret | Bí mật 152/365”