Along the coast of South Central Vietnam – Day 3/4

Get up to pack up, refuel the bike and have breakfast, I leave at 7 am. We followed National Route 1 (QL1) to the coastal city of Nha Trang, which is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you have time, you can stay in Nha Trang for 1 day to visit some tourist attractions. However, I decided to go back up to the highland city of Da Lat – the final destination of this journey.

Từ Vân Pagoda

A unique architecture built from cement and snail shells.

Before leaving Cam Ranh, I stopped in to visit the pagoda with unique architecture, built from cement and snail shells. All stages are performed manually by the monks and nuns of the pagoda. The pagoda was recommended by a friend of mime who lives in Cam Ranh, very few tourists know about this place. After 2 days of wandering on the road to admire the natural scenery, spending a quite morning walking in the pagoda grounds also helps to relax your soul.

Omega Pass

One of the highest and most dangerous passes in South Vietnam.

Omega Pass is located on the road connecting the flower plateau and the dreamy seaside town. In addition to the name Omega, this pass is known by many names such as Hon Giao, Khanh Le, Bidoup, and Long Lanh. The top of the pass has an altitude of up to 1700km, at the boundary of Son Thai commune, Khanh Vinh district, Khanh Hoa province and Da Chais commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province. The top of the pass is near the top of Hon Giao mountain. The pass is located in Khanh Vinh valley and crosses Di Linh plateau to Lam Vien plateau, and has a length of about 30km.

During this climb, the motorbike with a capacity of 2 adults and luggage for 4 days was hard work, but it did a good job of bringing us to Dalat safely. Along the way, we encountered a foreign friend traveling alone on an old motorbike bought from Hanoi. He comes from a European country that we haven’t had time to ask. The slope was high, the bike seemed tired, so I decided to take the wheel while pushing him a bit up the slope. After that, we separated again and continued our journey, hoping to reach Da Lat before the dark clouds pulled the other rain.

Tips: You should fill up with fuel before going up the pass, because there is no fuel station during the road as well as private houses, only after passing the 30km long pass you can see a fuel station.

Forest Ghost Inn

Arriving in Dalat when it was still early, I followed the road to the suburbs to come to a place with a mysterious name – Ma Rung Lu Quan (Forest Ghost Inn). Nestled in the middle of the valley, Ma Rung Lu Quan is a place to rent and visit with a cute architectural style that is far from its name.

Dalat city

I chose to stay in the city center for the convenience of relaxation and sightseeing at night. I stopped by a familiar hot pot restaurant – Thanh Tam beef hot pot, to have a bowl of dinner. The owner here is very friendly. There are many delicious dishes and is the choice of many tourists when coming to Dalat. After a few days of riding and under cold weather, a hot pot of beef hot pot helps the body recover quickly. In addition to hot pot, I also ordered 2 other dishes to accompany. Then we walked around Xuan Huong Lake, when it was cold, we made a bowl of hot tofu from the old lady sitting by the lake.

End of the day

This morning I woke up later than a few days ago, because I need to rest enough for the more than 300km trip waiting ahead, and because it was cold, I slept very well :)))))

Day 4 – To be updating

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