Along the coast of South Central Vietnam – Day 2/4

Due to the 4-day journey mainly on motorbike, I need to get enough sleep and feel comfortable when riding long distances. I leave at 8 am. Following the coastal road, I continued my journey.

Bàu Trắng – A small desert in Vietnam

Not far from Phan Thiet city is Bau Trang. This place can be considered a sub-desert in Vietnam with vast sand dunes. The road through Bau Trang is also considered the most beautiful road in Vietnam. This is my second time going through this wide and straight road through the desert. The first time 3 years ago, when the road was still under construction, my two-wheeler crossed the quicksand road more than 20km long as directed by Google Map, shaking because of the weight of the bike nearly a hundred kilograms, sometimes bouncing on the red stone road, on both sides are rows of large cacti waiting for us to fall face down on it, sometimes sinking deep under the sand, turning the throttle to pull it up a but. Sluggishly aiming straight ahead in the direction of the map, suddenly a motorbike drove 3 of the local boys to come and overtake one, not forgetting to turn around and mock the novice who went to the desert. Although it is a small desert, it is located close to the sea, so the air is not too hot. It is also famous for two rather large freshwater lakes: Bau Sen and Bau Trang, which have been chosen by leading Vietnamese directors to be put on the big screen. This route is also the last coastal road of the first leg of the journey, because when you reach Phan Ri Cua (Phan Rang), you must enter the National Route 1 to continue moving.

Tips: To Phan Ri Cua, there is a small coastal stretch parallel to the National Route 1. If you have time and want to explore more, you can go this route to see a beautiful stretch of the sea.

National Route 1 – The North-South Main Road Axis Connects The First Two Points Of Hanoi And HCMC Directly

Along the way, you will pass through many desert-like areas, some sections will go close to the sea like the section through Ca Na territory. You may come across a herd of sheep or goats raised by local people grazing.

Phan Rang Vineyard

When coming to Phan Rang, it is impossible not to visit the vineyards here. You can buy ripe bunches of berries dangling on a trellis right in the garden or choose some wine bottles that are fermented by the people here according to the traditional recipe. I don’t drink wine, but the syrup and fresh grapes here are delicious too.

In addition, you can also visit the cluster of Cham Towers – Po Klong Garai, a cluster of ancient towers of the ancient Khmer people built in the late 13th century.

Hang Rái – Vĩnh Hy Bay

Leaving Phan Rang city, crossing Ninh Chu bridge, is the road along the sea, embracing Nui Chua (the name means the mountain of God). There are Hang Rai and Vinh Hy Bay, which are famous tourist attractions of Ninh Thuan. Coming to Vinh Hy Bay, you can buy a tour to ride a glass bottom boat and watch corals and schools of fish swimming around. Along the way there are also some beautiful vinyards. Because it was also late afternoon and the goal was to reach Cam Ranh Bay before nightfall, we just went down to the rocky beach to rest, watch the sea, take pictures and continue the journey.

End of the day

Leaving Vinh Hy, I chose to stay at Cam Ranh. As a small city that is not too busy, life in Cam Ranh at night is very gentle and peaceful, so much so that when going through intersections with traffic lights, people here are not in hurry when the light is green turned on, different from the rush in HCMC.

If you are an urban dweller accustomed to the bustling and dynamic scene, you will find this place very peaceful and slow, sometimes a bit boring. But sometimes living slowly, will make your soul calmer, and you will have many new experiences.

Day 3 – To be updating

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